About Us

Downeast Energy Online allows you to order your heating oil 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - It is available to you exclusively online...and is ALWAYS a lower price per gallon than Downeast Energy's phone in daily cash price.

How does it Work? Online ordering eliminates the overhead of our full service offerings like tracking automatic deliveries, taking phone orders, extending credit, and billing & mailing invoices/statements and we pass that savings on to you with OUR GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE. Backed by the reliability and reputation of Downeast Energy, online ordering lets you manage your delivery schedule with payment upon order, and we pass the savings on to you with a lower price per gallon.

Is it right for you? This new online fuel purchasing and ordering system is perfect for busy and price conscious customers, who like to manage their own deliveries.  It allows you to place your next fuel delivery from your home or office computer, anytime day or night at the lowest cash price.

NOTE: Online ordering CAN NOT BE USED BY full service automatic delivery or budget customers! A fuel tank inspection is required prior to first delivery. If you haven't received a delivery from Downeast Energy within 2 years of your order, a representative will contact you to arrange for this inspection.

Ready to Try it ? Simply click here and take a few minutes to set up your account for quick and easy ordering. The process is simple and easy to navigate.